Luke Maggiore

Director / Head Coach

Luke is our Head Coach and Director of Purebred Fitness. His passion for fitness sparked at a young age, competing in rugby league for 12 years, took part in amateur boxing fights, and most recently competed in IFBB – Men’s body building, winning gold on both occasions and running a sub 4-hour marathon. Luke has completed a diploma in fitness and nutrition and along with all Purebred coaches is continually taking part in seminars and training to perfect his approach to training and in turn our offering to members. Luke specialises in; body sculpting, strength training, building muscle, High intensity interval training (HIIT) and whole body conditioning.

Justin Seeto


Justin is one of the best strength coaches the shire has to offer… Seriously! You should go to one of his Stronger classes and see for yourself! Justin’s background is in CrossFit and strength training, and over recent years he taken on and perfected jiu jitsu, having now received his blue belt. Justin has been in the fitness industry for over 10 years, and whilst he is an exceptional trainer he is also a paramedic. Justin’s areas of expertise are; muscle building, bodybuilding, Aesthetics training, programming, weight loss and total body conditioning.

Patrick Edwards

Director / Coach

Having recently completed his certificate 3 in Fitness, Patrick Edwards is the newest Coach at Purebred Fitness. Patrick’s passion for the fitness industry stemmed from his competitive sport upbringing where he played A-grade Rugby League, Soccer & Basketball on a weekly basis.

Tam Kerr


Tam has over 13 years’ experience as a trainer and mentor in the fitness industry in both face-to-face and online environments. Tam focuses on the importance of mindsets, physical training, nutrition and her classes are like no other – continuously introducing new techniques and never running the same class twice. Tam has successfully written and delivered elite training programs for individuals to help them achieve both their training and health goals. Her areas of speciality are nutrition, dietetics, body building, mindset, high intensity interval training (HIIT), fat loss and CrossFit.

Sean Tindale


Sean specialises in: Strength and conditioning / Sports specific conditioning / Boxing fitness / Weight loss or nutrition / Injury rehabilitation / Group training / Balance and core strength

Michaela Sargeant


Michaela Sergeant is truly the heart of Purebred. She is an ambassador for everything we believe in and is an integral part of the family like culture we have worked so hard to achieve. Michaela has completed her Cert III & Cert IV in Fitness and is currently completing her studies in a Bachelor of Human Movement and Physical Education. Michaela has 4+ years’ experience in the industry and is a genius on all things strength and boxing. Her areas of speciality including high intensity interval training (HIIT), endurance, strength and fat loss.

Jaime May


Meet Jaime the youngest and wildest coach on our team. Jaime is up and coming in the fitness industry and is making her mark on our gym floor every day. Jaime knows how to push and inspire you to be bring your best every time you walk through the door and is dedicated in helping her clients achieve their fitness goals. Jaime specialises in; High intensity interval training (HIIT), Endurance training, CrossFit and Fat loss.

Madelaine Elms


Meet Maddie, the newest recruit to Purebred’s coaches. Maddie has recently completed her Cert III and IV in Fitness and although she may look sweet, she is a savage trainer! (in the best way!) Maddie has a passion for fitness like no other and is motivated by seeing her clients achieving their fitness goals and taking their training to the next level. Maddie, like all Purebreds coaches wants the best experience for every member who walks through our doors and this is truly evident in her personal approach to every class she leads.You will find Maddie taking our HIIT, Speed and Booty classes.


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