Luke Maggiore

Director / Head Coach

Luke specialises in: Body sculpting / Muscle building / Whole body conditioning / High intensity training / Motivating people

Justin Seeto


Justin specialises in: Bodybuilding/Aesthetics training and programming / Strength training and programming / Weight loss and total body conditioning / Nutritional planning / Setting and achieving goals

Patrick Edwards

Director / Coach

Having recently completed his certificate 3 in Fitness, Patrick Edwards is the newest Coach at Purebred Fitness. Patrick’s passion for the fitness industry stemmed from his competitive sport upbringing where he played A-grade Rugby League, Soccer & Basketball on a weekly basis.

Tam Kerr


With over 13 years’ experience as a trainer and mentor in the fitness industry in both face-to-face and online environments, Tam focuses on the importance of mindsets, physical training and nutrition.

Tam has successfully written and delivered elite training programs for individuals to help them achieve both their training and health goals.

Sean Tindale


Sean specialises in: Strength and conditioning / Sports specific conditioning / Boxing fitness / Weight loss or nutrition / Injury rehabilitation / Group training / Balance and core strength

Michaela Sargeant


Having completed her Certificate 3 & 4 in Fitness and currently studying a Bachelor of Human Movement & Physical Education, Michaela has 4+ years experience in the fitness industry and a strong focus on strength training and boxing. Michaela enjoys playing AFL, training and spending time with her friends.

Jaime May


Meet Jaime the youngest and most vibrant coach on our team. Jaime is up and coming in the fitness industry and is making her mark on our gym floor everyday. Jaime knows how to push and inspire you to be bring your best every time you walk through the doors. Jaime specialises in; HIIT, endurance, strength and CrossFit training.

Nick Gair


Having recently completed a Certificate 3 in Fitness, Nick passion for fitness began at your age playing both Rugby and Rugby League for 8 years. No two of his classes are the same, continually challenging clients to bring their best. They are the perfect mix of high endurance and CrossFit. Nick’s experience also spans across; strength training, rehabilitation and programming.


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