Fitness Challenge

8 week strength challenge

Our strength challenge will encourage you to take a step outside of your comfort zone and help you find out your true strength potential – Courage over comfort!

22nd May 2021 - 19th July 2021








Purebred Fitness Challenges have been designed to provide optimum results for participants willing to entirely commit themselves in both their training and diet regime.

The primary goal of this challenge is to improve your body’s ability to generate or resist force. Throughout this 8-week strength programme you will target the three most important and technical lifts that are involved in powerlifting:

  • Deadlifts
  • Bench
  • Squats

On each individual workout you will focus on one of the key movements mentioned above.

Following the main strength movement you will then start on the hypertrophy phase. The hypertrophy phase is where you perform specific exercises that target the same muscle groups but now using a higher rep range with controlled tempo to isolate and exhaust the working muscles.

By completing a number of sets and reps using these crucial exercises the body is then continually forced to recruit as much muscle as possible and eventually adapts by building more muscle mass. This also places a lot of stress on your central nervous system, which in turn helps your body release higher doses of good hormones.

How to register 

Become a member of Purebred Fitness for $57.95 per week.

Once you are a member of Purebred fitness an additional one off payment of $320 will be taken to participate in the 8 week challenge.

No lock in contracts or sign-up fees for new members.

Alternatively you can opt for a payment plan of 8 x $40 additional weekly payments instead of a one off payment of $320.

Above weekly payment option is also available to current Purebred members.



Open gym access & unlimited access to 60+ classes a week

Value $57.95 per week


One 45-minute personal training session

Value $70


2 x body composition scans to track your results

Value $70


Meal plan designed by qualified nutritionist

Value $90

One strength training workshop


2 x mobility sessions


3 x exclusive strongman workouts


Access to check-ins with a Purebred Coach

Face-to-face or call


Goal setting & accountability


Before & after transformation photos


Food & drinks provided at awards party


Both major & minor prizes to be won!!

Prizes for 1st and 2nd, both male and female will be awarded based on strength increase over the course of the 8 – weeks.

Prizes for 1st and 2nd for both male and females will be awarded based on muscle increase shown on the inbody scan.

7 day free trial before you register!

Come trial the gym & our unlimited classes for a full week before committing to the challenge.


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