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Choose your favorite class and start now, the only bad workout is the one you didn’t do!


Total body conditioning workout based on speed, power and endurance. This class will test your stamina and ability to constantly move through reps and rounds using functional movement patterns. Expect anything in this class!


Full body workout using only your body weight. This class will test your strength, power, endurance, speed, flexibility, coordination and balance. Burn stubborn body fat and improve your natural movement in this aerobics class.


A unique blend of training using the spin bikes, boxing and drill work. This class will condition your body, improve your fitness and burn body fat. Expect a cardio butt kicking!


Weight focused strength training. Using compound exercises and bodybuilding movements to sculpt your body and increase your strength. Form is the key for building muscle mass.


High-intensity movement’s targeting your core and burning body fat. Learn how to engage your core and build a strong foundation in your midsection using specific exercises and static holds.


High-intensity interval training. Give your all out for short periods of intense anaerobic exercises with little rest. Using explosive movements this class will burn more fat in less time! *45 min class


A group of structured exercises performed for a specific time. An effective time-based training session that includes body weight, strength, cardio, and core. The perfect class to go at your own pace or push yourself to the absolute limit.


Build your booty, sculpt your legs and tone your waist line with exercises that target your whole lower body. This class works on finding that mind to muscle connection to enhance growth in the glutes and build strength in the legs.

Luke Maggiore

Director / Head Coach

Luke specialises in: Body sculpting / Muscle building / Whole body conditioning / High intensity training / Motivating people

Justin Seeto


Justin specialises in: Bodybuilding/Aesthetics training and programming / Strength training and programming / Weight loss and total body conditioning / Nutritional planning / Setting and achieving goals


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