8 Week Strength Challenge

starting 22nd May

The primary goal of this challenge is to improve your body’s ability to generate or resist force. Throughout this 8-week strength programme you will target the three most important and technical lifts that are involved in powerlifting: Deadlifts, bench and squats.

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About Purebred Fitness

At Purebred Fitness, we believe in only the highest standards of physical fitness training and have been a leading facility since 2017. Our staff members at Purebred Fitness are actively enriching the lives of our members and creating a community of likeminded people who love being healthy and strong. Getting you in shape is our goal. We have a 7 day free trial on offer, so make sure you come on down and give it a go!

Our Classes

+55 classes on offer every week

Purebred Fitness offers a wide range of classes that suit every individual’s needs. Our classes cater for all our members goals and fitness levels and cater for busy lives, work schedules, mums and their bubs and shift workers.

Purebred Fitness Booty Gym Classes


Build your booty, sculpt your legs and tone your waist line with exercises that target your whole lower body.

Purebred Fitness Boxing Classes


A high intensity partner workout which involves using gloves and pads.

Purebred Fitness Circuit Gym Classes


An effective time-based training session that includes body weight, strength, cardio, and core. 

Purebred Fitness Stronger Gym Classes

Fast 40

40 minutes of fast, intense, explosive functional training movements suitable for everyone.

Purebred Fitness HIIT Gym Classes


Give your all, for short periods of intense anaerobic exercises with little rest. 

Purebred Fitness HIIT Gym Classes


High intensity movement’s targeting your core and burning body fat. 

Purebred Fitness Hustle Gym Classes


Maximise your overall fitness levels through a diverse training program that will focus on form, strength and total body conditioning.

Purebred Fitness Mums & Bubs Classes

Mums & Bubs

Designed for pre & post natal women with a creche service in a safe, rewarding and fun environment.

Purebred Fitness Shredded Gym Classes


Burn stubborn body fat and improve your natural movement in this aerobics class.

Purebred Fitness Speed Gym Classes


Total body conditioning workout based on speed, power and endurance. 

Purebred Fitness Stronger Gym Classes


Using compound exercises and bodybuilding movements to sculpt your body and increase your strength.

Purebred Fitness Super Saturday Group Training

Super Saturdays

Super Saturday is our biggest class of the week. It will cater up to 30 people and will be set out in different zones. 


Amazing team of trainers and motivators! The facility is fantastic with a great vibe. Awesome job to the team at Purebred Fitness. Keep it up!
Andrew Choueri

What a great place to work-out, Luke, Pat and the guys certainly know their stuff!
Scott Williams

Such a welcoming and encouraging environment to work out in. Great facilities and even better trainers. You’re guaranteed to leave dripping in sweat.
Melinda Wiatkowski

They got me from Flab to Fab!! Working out here is always a dream!!
Atlanta-Joy Bidewell

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Deep Breathing: 9 ways it supercharges your Mind & Body

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Strive for consistency over perfection

Strive for consistency over perfection

It is all too common that we feel guilt when possibly overeating on a meal, or missing one gym session. This is all too common and let me tell you, you are not alone! All I can say is, strive for consistency not perfection.

Water intake

Water intake

Why drink 2-3 litres of water everyday? Below are the facts as to the importance of drinking water everyday. 1. Drinking water improves absorption. 2. Improves circulation. 3. Transportation of nutrients and more.


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