Our Classes

Choose your favorite class and start now, the only bad workout is the one you didn’t do!


Total body conditioning based workout utilising functional movement patterns with speed and power forcing your body to burn fat.


Torch fat away using High intensity Aerobics class using only body weight exercises.


A high intensity cardiovascular workout focused on spin bikes and a combination of boxing movements.


Weight focused strength training incorporating bodybuilding movements.


An intense core-based workout to develop agility, strength, balance, coordination and speed.


A boxercise class focusing on boxing techniques and body-weighted exercises.


Gives you the ability to move a limb through the full range of motion with control. Mobility is based on voluntary movement and is a crucial part of a training routine.


This class is very specific in sculpting your booty, toning your legs and tightening that core. Using exercises to target your glutes, legs and core this hour is made up of all lower body burners that’s guaranteed to help you reach your goals.


Workout of the day while learning fundamentals behind CrossFit.

What we are all about

At Purebred Fitness, our passion is transforming lives. We focus not only on helping you reach your physical goals, but we equip you with the skills to transform your mental approach to health and fitness.

Purebred Fitness offers a newly equipped, state-of-the-art gym with a unique innovative training style. Offering group classes or personal training, we cater to the needs and goals of individuals.

With over 25 classes per week all coached by professionals trained in a number of techniques, Purebred offers variety that will keep you highly motivated and ensure you never get bored of the same old routine training.

Luke Maggiore

Director / Head Coach

Luke specialises in: Body sculpting / Muscle building / Whole body conditioning / High intensity training / Motivating people

Justin Seeto


Justin specialises in: Bodybuilding/Aesthetics training and programming / Strength training and programming / Weight loss and total body conditioning / Nutritional planning / Setting and achieving goals


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